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Logical? Not so much….

You know I have to…..

change my “appearance”!!!  It is that time of year to change my blog appearance.  I will return to what I had (or maybe it is time to change that too!) after a while.  Once it snows I have to change it to the iceburgg look.

Anyway, today was actually a really good day at work considering that it was Black Friday and I really expected people to be just shopping! 

DH & I started Christmas shopping this past Monday, we did get some stuff.  We have another day in December that we will finish up.  I picked up my Christmas cards tonight.  I will be working on getting those addressed and out in the next few days!

Thanksgiving was good, filling and enjoyable!

I hope that all is well with you and yours!!  Let me know if you have started shopping, just a little bit, or none at all!


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Nothing much new…

Of course after I got officially licensed, I started working.  After that, there was Halloween.  Regan was very easy on me and was the same thing she was last year.  Amazingly enough her costume still fit!!  I did actually get to spray her hair with blue colored spray.  Last year I didn’t get to actually spend time with her trick or treating because I was in school.  However getting off work a half hour before trick or treating time was a close call too!

Now it is on to Thanksgiving.  No plans yet, however David’s work schedule may be getting ready to change yet again!  Might be on daylight (7am – 3pm). So who knows what we will or won’t be doing, usually David ends up working on Thanksgiving day anyway and then we do whatever after that.  However one tradition that David would like to continue is the year that we moved into our house and went to Waffle House for dinner that night.  Yes, it was Thanksgiving (7 years ago). 

What traditions do you have and what traditions do you wish you did instead?

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Happy 2009

May it bring you some surprises and keep you on your toes. May you find some challenges that don’t allow you to just sit back and take things for granted. May you have peace at times when you desperately need it.

Seriously people, we all just try to do the best that we can (at least that is what I hope). I just hope that you continue to do the best that you can and make the most of the lemons that we all seem to get at one time or another in our lives. Now if that wasn’t depressing enough advice for you, then email me and we will swap stories!! haha.

Have a wonderful first day of 2009!!

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Hello All

So, how is life treating you all??  Is all your family traditions started?  Do you have your Christmas time planned out?  How does it work for your family??

Our family forest consists of having a couple relatives here at one time.  Then we go to another relatives house.  Then my dad’s side of the family has a huge party usually on the 1st of January.  Sometimes, Christmas takes 2 weeks for us.  It can be tring, tiring and crazy trying to keep it all straight and set it all up.

What is nice this year is that I’m not competing for time off from work and the salon is fairly lenient on their holiday schedule.  It is also nice that I have “weird” days off like Monday’s.  I can get some other things done when other people can’t.  Or I can just CHILL!!!

So give me the 411 on your traditions!  I wanna hear it!

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Xerox – Let’s Say Thanks

This is a widget that you can get off the Xerox sight (the one that does the christmas cards for the troops every year).  Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy – and I should give you the web address…. uhm, hold on….. okay, got it HERE.

[clearspring_widget title=”Xerox – Let’s Say Thanks” wid=”47d6d01110aa5765″ pid=”4931f1e7072ee027″ width=”307″ height=”361″ domain=””]

I also want to put it on my sidebar – I might get to it tonight still.

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I’m trying to be ??

Smart…?? (not really when I post pics of Regan here), cheap…?? (uh, yeah, that is probably more like it).

I really want to send you all Christmas cards this year but I just feel that I can’t justify it. So I’m hoping that you will accept this invitation to see The Spanglers 2008 Christmas card via Ali’s Meanderings.

Merry Christmas to all my 'beam friends.

Merry Christmas to all my beam friends

May the peace of the season follow you throughout the year to come!

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Some Great Ideas….

Yes, I stole from you Em.   XEROX  I had completely forgotten about this program!  I did my part just now! 

Sonny has the right idea and I’m very proud of him for sharing with the rest of us his unconditional love for his family members (You da MAN).

Through work we are going to be involved in the Angel Giving Tree, through the Salvation Army  (I believe this was what Em might have been talking about on her blog as well). We have requested 75 Angels, we got started a little late on this but better late than never.

I wanted to do the shoe boxes with Regan and never made it however when I went through her toys this past week, they all went to the Salvation Army as well.

I could probably get very vaclempt if I kept going so I will save some as we get closer to the season!

Take care and peace!

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