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Logical? Not so much….

Nineteen Minutes…

Not sure if I think about you all the time because I just read this book.  But I think about you all the time while you are at school.  I wonder what you are doing, I wonder what you are learning.  I wonder if you are getting all your lunch ate.  Are you making new friends, are you nice to your classmates.  I wonder if everyone is nice to you and how you deal with it if they aren’t.

I want to hug you and love on you while you are away.  Not that I don’t want to do that when we are together, but our moods sometimes distract me from just wanting to “gobble” you up.

Have a great day today and ….. everyday.  I think about you a lot!!!  I miss you….A LOT!!!!  And I will always love you with my whole heart!


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Busy times…they are a’comin’

So Regan has been busy on Saturdays with Ballet since September.  It is getting to be the end of the school year and end of Ballet class as well.  Tomorrow night is picture day with full costume for Ballet @ 5:45.  This means that I have to pick her up earlier than usual to get her hair all in place and pulled back, changed into the costume and to the studio no later than 5:30.  Plus parking is always difficult there and it will be moreso with all the pictures being taken!

In June, she starts having ballet class twice a week in preparation for the recital on June 18th!  At least she only has to be there Friday nights around 6 or something, then the usual Saturday class.  We will be leaving for vacation June 19th (EARLY…YAWN). 

So how is your schedule looking with the end of school coming??

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I’ve been slacking…

I’m sure that you have noticed that I have been MIA from here.  I promise it isn’t intentional.  Seems like with Facebook/MySpace/Twitter or whatever you use, it seems easier to just write a blurb about what is going on, however, you don’t get the true essence of what is going on.  I’m noticing more and more that I’m putting things on Facebook about Regan and I’m missing all the fun stuff here.  I just went back and saw where she was working on a tongue twister.  Lately she has been reading to me at night.  Have I told you all any of this??  I LOVE that she reads to me!!! 

Funny story about her reading to me the other night, she was reading and the word was ‘saw’, she proceeded to read it as ‘was’ (still thinking there is a bit of dyslexia in there but I can’t prove it).  She got further into the story and ‘scampered’ came up and she rolled it right off – now, seriously?????  You get ‘saw’ swapped but ‘scampered’ just rolls off the tongue.  I still think it was cute!!!

Is there anything fun/ny about what your kids are reading to you???

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Tongue twisters

Somehow Regan just learned her first tongue twister and it was ‘How much Wood…..’ so she is saying it but making up the last line and I think it was something like ‘If he doesn’t have any chuck’. So I said it to her and she tried again, this time it was….’how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood could chuck wood’. It was cute and I just couldn’t help myself, I had to laugh. Which in turn made her laugh but she did ask, “was that right, did I do good?” I told her she did very good but forgot just a little something. She has it down now and I’m sure will be repeating it all night because she already wants to say it as fast as I do.  🙂

Then I tried Peter Piper…….

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New Regan stories….

So first off, I haven’t even gotten in the door last night and Regan says “Mommy!”  Got to love the immediate attention before I put anything down!

Secondly, Regan tells me later that she got to read for the principal, I say “You did?”  She says yes! (- very excitedly).  I ask her “Were you the only one that had to read to her?”  Regan says “Yes, how did you know?”  I tell her that I didn’t know that I was asking to find out!  I ask her what she read and she tells me it was a story that she brought home.  (Unfortunately, my mind is going a mile a minute and I just can’t help myself and I start laughing hysterically).  Regan covers my mouth while I can’t stop laughing.  My thought is…okay kid, what did you do that you had to go to the principals office??!  I know, I’m not very trusting am I??  But there were no notes in her backpack saying that she was rotten in school, so I guess things are okay!

Lastly, hubby took Regan upstairs to get ready for bed and by the time I get upstairs, she has his baseball hat, turned around (so the visor is in the back), and she strikes a “gangsta” pose and holds both her hands out with a peace sign held sideways and says “Peace dude!!”  We both rolled.  Hubby says that he had nothin’ to do with that!  We are so seriously in trouble!!!  🙂

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DD : Mommy, you have a lead foot!!
DD: You really need to change the trash can it is REALLY full (the facial expression was priceless).
Getting home today from Pre-K and telling Daddy:
DD: I’m going to the SALON tomorrow!!

(I told her that I would give her a manicure since she liked my nail color yesterday)
Daddy asking me today how I slept last night (Thurs night), I told him I actually did sleep. He said that he tossed and turned until around 12am or so. He said that he looked over at me at some point and said that I was a puddle in the bed. He said that he couldn’t see my head at all, he thought that I had flipped around so that my feet were where my head usually is. He went on to say that he was glad that he didn’t try and touch me as he might have poked me in the eye or picked my nose. (Okay, maybe you had to be on the phone with us, I thought it was hilarious)
That is about it for now

Have a great weekend, oh, and I will let you know how my really IMPORTANT client is tomorrow (DD).

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I’m trying to be ??

Smart…?? (not really when I post pics of Regan here), cheap…?? (uh, yeah, that is probably more like it).

I really want to send you all Christmas cards this year but I just feel that I can’t justify it. So I’m hoping that you will accept this invitation to see The Spanglers 2008 Christmas card via Ali’s Meanderings.

Merry Christmas to all my 'beam friends.

Merry Christmas to all my beam friends

May the peace of the season follow you throughout the year to come!

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Regan Makes Me ROLL!!


After stories and songs, I was holding Regan and she was giving me a big hug and kisses.  She decided it was funny that my lips made a “smacking” noise after I kissed her so she kept giving kisses trying to make her own smacking noise.

Well, all the sudden she says, “Let me try this” and she puts one hand on each side of my face and lays one on me while moving her head back and forth!!!  OMG!!!!  What does this child know?!?!?

To be perfectly honest though, I was rolling so hard that I had tears leaking out of my eyes.  We were both laughing like hyenas. 

Yeah, it was a good night!!

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Conversations this morning

I had to keep a straight face all morning. My daughter woke up this morning and was all the sudden an adult. WTF??

Regan: Do you know what the Dora socks are for?
Me: No, what are they for?
R: To keep my hands warm in the middle of the night.
M: Do your hands get cold in the middle of the night?
R: (nodding, very seriously), Yes.
M: When do you put them on?
R: In the middle of the night.
M: And when do you take them off?
R: In the daytime (meaning when she wakes up).

This whole conversation was just sooooo funny to me – as she was very matter of fact about the whole thing.

The earlier conversation was as soon as she woke up and I was sitting on the potty. She came in and gave me a hug and she says:

R: Do you want to hear my new song downstairs?
M: Yes!! I heard that you learned a new song with actions.
R: Yes, but you have to do the actions with me while you stand up.
R: We have to do the actions then we can sing it. Do you want to sing it 5 times?
M: Uh…
R: Do you want to sing it 1..2..3..4.. or 5 times.
M: How about 2 times?
R: Okaaaayyyy… (not an unhappy answer, it seemed to be fine to her)

She just had me rolling this morning.

Anyway, thought I would share and give you something to chuckle over. Have a great day!

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I got a love letter

I know that you all won’t be able to read this, however it says: “Dear Mommy, I wish for you to feel better from your heart”.  (She read it to me, that is the only reason that I know!) My darling Regan really does love me……sometimes 😉 I thought it was sweet, and she wrote it for me on the way home from school on Monday and it was her “project”. (Collectively y’all – “Awwwwwwwww”)



 ps: Oh, btw, it doesn’t really READ the way that she said it to me.  But it was the thought that counted I thought!

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