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Hot Air Balloon Festival

Honestly, I don’t think that I could ever upload too many pictures from the Hot Air Balloon Festival but I know that I really can’t do that here (not enough space).  But I will share a couple shots with you.  This was once again another great showing of Hot Air Balloons.  We had great weather this morning to enjoy it, while a little brisk, the wind was down and that is what counts in getting to see them lift off and sail away.

There was one gentleman there that actually filled his balloon but did not lift off.  He stayed grounded and answered questions.  He started picking kids up and letting the kids pull the trigger to “heat” up the balloon.  (Regan wasn’t happy with how noisy they were)  He was very informational about what he does and how he does it.   Beez ‘N Flowers is his balloon and was the last to inflate but it did so right in front of us as you can see.


David kept making comment about how he forgot how big these balloons really are.


Last but not least, yes we got there early! I loved taking this because I actually did do the whole sequence of the sun coming up but this is one of my favorites with it just saying good morning!



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