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Logical? Not so much….

Doors Opening

  I have an opportunity available to me.  I’m excited about it and at the same time scared.  I want to do  it…but I need to be able to fit into my schedule and I don’t know that I can do it.  I don’t want to take the little bit of time that I have with my family to do this all the time.  Plus I feel like it could be a conflict of interest with my job (just not sure).  It would be a great door to walk through, plus it would be fun. 

  I think that I will be conflicted with this one for just a while longer…..and ultimately I don’t have to make a decision right now.  I can try it, see what happens and enjoy doing it while I do it.


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Running Away or Higher Road??

How old do you have to be to not feel like you are in middle school?  I really do try to stay out of people’s lives, unless they want me in it.  I keep to myself.  If someone asks about someone else…..I play dumb – that way I’m not sucked into the b.s. of my chosen career.  Don’t get me wrong…I love my career, I just don’t necessarily agree with all the people I work with (and you have that no matter WHERE you work, it is just a part of life it seems). 

 However, if you have it confirmed that your “ex-boss*” (ex-boss, because I’m now self-employed but still work in the same place with this person)  has talked about you in a negative light to one of your clients….. how comfortable do you think your client feels?  If the “ex-boss” did this once….do you think it is possible that it has happened other times?  (Things that make you go hhhmmm).  Would that reflect poorly on your own business (since my “ex-boss” is the owner)?

Ultimately, my dilemma is….. do I suck it up and stay where I am (my desire to do this is mostly for my clients due to the economy – I will loose clients if I move to salon that is high end) and just act like I don’t know anything.  Or do I look for another location (or job for that matter) to start over again and hope that I do keep some of my clients?!

Any thoughts?

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Matrix Mannequin Mania

Mmmmmmmm….the ideas might be forming as I type this.  I just don’t know if I’m up for it……

Matrix Mannequin Mania.

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First Day of Work!!!!

Hey All,

Today is my first day of work in an actual salon.  I still have the practical test to take (Oct. 12th) before everything is official, but so far so good.  I have been out passing out flyers with my co-workers.  I will let you know how the practical goes once I do it!

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…is at the high end salon.  Yes, it is filled out!  Here’s to hoping for at least an interview.

Btw, I haven’t been updating on FB about jobs because someone found me and I don’t want to update this information there.  Thanks for understanding!!

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(Profuse sweating)…

…and it isn’t just from the heat wave here in VA.

I stopped by the high end salon today and picked up an application.  Found out the hours are from 12pm – 9pm, however there are other stylists that do work from 9am – 5pm.  So anything is possible. 

The opportunities at the place are amazing.  They send the stylists off to different locations for certification in different areas of cosmetology.  They do apprenticeship program (which I have already done my schooling), however maybe they will kind of guide you along when you first get there too.  Just not sure. 

Anyway, I need to get the application back to them and hope for an interview.  If nothing else I can do the interview in this field just to get an idea of how they are, even if I don’t get the job.

Whatever is meant to happen will…..and that is all I have to say about that 🙂

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Okay friends! I just need to put this out there.  I’m sweating over finding a job and being content with where I go, so tonight I couldn’t quite get to sleep and decided to do a PROS/CONS list.  Would you like to see it??   Okay, I will share it with you once I give you a little background.

I have a salon that wants me…..badly.  The owner was at the ‘school’ until July so she knows me and thinks I’m good and wants me because she knows I’m not into all the drama and bullshit that tends to get started when you work with a bunch of women.  However, she just opened her salon and the walk-in traffic isn’t heavy yet.  She doesn’t have all her stations taken, yet.  Her prices are reasonable and not outrageous.  And I know that I need to start somewhere, however I was at a high-end scale salon today to help with a fundraiser and they have a commission spot opening up.  UGH, I don’t mind making decisions but this is really hard for me even though the Pros are pretty favorable for the 1st opportunity.  And that is the other thing, am I more interested in the 1st scenario above due to it being the first opportunity (and I need work almost immediately) available, which could also be a bad thing because it is the 1st thing available.  Okay, screw the philosophy of it all, here goes the PROS/CONS for the 1st opportunity.


~Flexible hours (I will be able to leave at 5 most nights to pick up my daughter, I might set up one evening that I stay late)

~I can set my own schedule as to what days I want/need off.

~There will be some walk-ins that will help build a clientele for myself.

~It is still close to home

~Prices are still reasonable (less than Hair Cuttery, but more than I have been charging my ‘prior-to-school’ clients)

~The owner wants me

~If I can make up my mind real soon (this month) we are going into Homecoming season – HELLO!! New Clients!!

~I will be learning new products.

~Owner is willing to let me advertise anyway that I need/want to to get people in the door and also have business cards made up.


~Will my current clients be willing to pay an extra $5.00 due to the fact that I will be in a salon (times are tough here people)

~Not sure how much ‘further education’ will play into my learning unless I pay for classes on my own.

~The owner tends to be able to make up her own mini-drama.  She is kind of her own instigator – BUT I know that about her and I have dealt with it before so…..??

~Working commission means also that once a client walks in the door, they are no longer MY client but the salon’s client.  It makes it hard if you leave that salon to have those clients follow you unless you are sly (which I am).

~Since it is a new salon, the walk-in traffic is not heavy…..yet.

~I will be learning new product (The Pro side is that I know the products that I have been using, and it is good to learn about other products so that you can make a good call for your clients as to what to use.  The CON side is that I might not feel as confident starting out there having to learn the different product line either – it will just take time).


Ultimately, the owner knows that I still wanted to do my elderly people on Mondays once a month and she is fine with me taking that day off.  I will still only charge them what I have been charging them since they are one Social Security and Medic/aid/are.  It isn’t all about the money for me however things are getting very tight and I really need to contribute to my family.  I think that is part of my problem with the 2nd scenario above.  If I went with the 2nd opportunity at a 40/60% commission (which I’m guessing is the case, I didn’t actually have the opportunity to talk to any of the girls today), I would still make more off just a hair cut there than the 1st opportunity (which is giving me a 50/50% commission).

Obviously there are still things that I need to work out for myself and family.  The whole flexible hours thing and being able to be low man on the totem pole and still get out of work at 5 or so is awesome, because if I worked for a chain I would be there in the evenings no matter what until I more or less worked my way up the chain.  And that is understandable.  If my husband’s schedule wasn’t 3pm-11pm then that would be fine.  But I just can’t justify not being with my daughter to earn a buck when she wouldn’t be seeing either of us all week practically.

Yes, there are other options to commission, but I don’t have enough of a clientele yet to do booth rental (and basically have my own business within the confines of another salon)

Come on PEOPLE, raise your voices and spill the beans as to what you think sounds good, what doesn’t make any sense (please note the time though), what you need cleared up, if you just think that I’m crazy (I’m pretty sure I already know that part though!)

Night, night!

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Hello…I’m a wanna be hairstylist

Yeah, it is getting closer people.  I’m less than 200 hours away from getting my required 1500 hours to go and take my state board exam. 

I have been taking pictures like crazy lately, for me and for everyone else.  Of course there are those days (like Friday) where I finally had the opportunity to do a perm and totally didn’t think about taking pictures because I had a little boy (younger than 2 years old) right before the lady came in.  So you are so hyped about actually not jacking up the little boys hair (his head was on a swivel stick) and not hurting him (shears are just sooooo sharp) that when you get done and realize that the next client is already in the salon, you start to ‘sweat’ keeping them waiting.  So you get all your supplies ready and get them in the chair and find out what they are looking for, etc.  So you tend to completely forget that you should have taken a picture of the client before (and one of the bad things about me is that if I don’t take a before, I tend to think, well there is no point in taking an after – I have to get away from that thought tendency as it will still show that I know HOW to do the procedure).

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hey!  “HEY”!  I’m still living and breathing,  just getting a little harder somedays, the closer I get to finishing school and trying to figure out what I want to do for a job.

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6 weeks and counting

However, now there is a new day off that will add yet one more freakin’ day to my schooling which will end up conflicting with Regan’s first day of school!!! 

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I just wanna SCREAM!!!!!!!!    I gotta work this out one way or another.  I REFUSE to stay earning hours any longer than I have too.

Just thought I would let you all know.

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Okay, I found the camera

Seriously… really was practically under my nose and glasses yesterday. Downloaded and ready to post some pics!!!
French Braids:

French Braid Wreath

French Braid Wreath

French Braid Wreath

French Braid Wreath

Updo: (You have to excuse the hair separation on this pic. Ms. Manni’s hair is a little uncooperative)

Updo from a book

Updo from a book


Cornrows on another student

Cornrows on another student

Cornrows on Student

Cornrows on Student

(Please excuse the coiled curling iron in the pic – looks a little phallic, sorry about that)



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