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Great Friends

I have an amazing group of friends.

Interestingly enough, we have only known each other for about 3 years, going on 4.  Two common things at the time were,  we were all pregnant AND we were all due in September of 2004.

Yes, some people have come and some people have gone, all for different reasons.  However, once in a while someone out of the blue will check in and it is still great to hear from them. 

Well, whenever someone needs a lift in spirit or mentality, we try to help or just listen in anyway possible.  There are times that we have physically done stuff for another person to help them out as well. 

Oh, that’s right, I didn’t mention that while most of us are spread around the U.S., we have 2 ladies that are in Canada, 2 in England and 1 in Barbados.  So you see, this group of friends that I have……yes, to me they are truly amazing.

Well a couple of them just gave me a big boost and it was so funny the way they did it.   I received a package from Amazon on Friday and I had no idea what it was.  Well, once I got home and opened up the package it was a Wonder Woman Ultimate Sticker book.  I got such a huge laugh out of it. 

It’s true, you have to have laughter in your life, otherwise, why are you here?

ps: Lori and Hottie – you girls ROCK!!!!


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