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Logical? Not so much….

And my hubby strikes again……

Listening to Top 40 of 1987!!! (SHUT UP!, you know that you are listening to it too!). #33 (Debut) is Cinderella’s, I’m no Fool. Hubby sings, “I don’t drool”, I say “I don’t know why I listen to music with you” he says “what?, I plan on writing my own music”. I say “Great another Weird Al ‘yank-my-d$@&” (Yes, I’m crass like that!! If you didn’t know it before, know it now!). He proceeds to (give me props and….) say, “but if he was in jail his name would be yank-it-b&@$*”

I just can’t win the battle of puns!


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Nothing much new…

Of course after I got officially licensed, I started working.  After that, there was Halloween.  Regan was very easy on me and was the same thing she was last year.  Amazingly enough her costume still fit!!  I did actually get to spray her hair with blue colored spray.  Last year I didn’t get to actually spend time with her trick or treating because I was in school.  However getting off work a half hour before trick or treating time was a close call too!

Now it is on to Thanksgiving.  No plans yet, however David’s work schedule may be getting ready to change yet again!  Might be on daylight (7am – 3pm). So who knows what we will or won’t be doing, usually David ends up working on Thanksgiving day anyway and then we do whatever after that.  However one tradition that David would like to continue is the year that we moved into our house and went to Waffle House for dinner that night.  Yes, it was Thanksgiving (7 years ago). 

What traditions do you have and what traditions do you wish you did instead?

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Another David-ism that just made me roll last night. So this week he has been very generous and given me the whole bed as I got yet another cold this past week. So he has been sleeping in the living room on the floor (we don’t have another room for anyone to sleep). So last night he said that he was going to make his bed……and lye in it. Then he goes on to say “I have hair!!!!” Sorry it was just hilarious to me, so then we made up a couple more lies like “I am a unique and beautiful snowflake!”

Maybe you just had to be here!!!!

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Two words





(you figure it out and see if you don’t laugh your asses off like my husband and I did)

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Surprise Party Cake

I got permission to post this so I’m gonna. I told you all that we had a surprise party for David the other weekend. I think that most of you know the history and that isn’t what I’m gonna get into. However, sometimes (when your brain is working correctly), a picture REALLY is worth a thousand words.

Congrats Babe, Keep up the GREAT work!!

AAbsolut Cake

AAbsolut Cake

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Something new to laugh about

So David and I stepped out on the deck tonight really quickly (bbbrrrrr), and he starts snickering.  “What?” I ask, he says, “So does this mean that we have to invest in Little Gym mats off the back of the house?”

Smart ass.  (And yes, we both rolled).

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So I know that I have talked about David butt before but this was so worth the post that I couldn’t resist.

So David asked Regan to help him off the couch tonight (he has been working very hard getting the walls ready for my painting party).  She pulled and pulled and he finally made it to the floor (on all fours).  Regan proceeds to climb on Daddy’s back.  She finally gets settled and David farts and speeds out of the ‘gates’.

Of course this got Regan giggling and I was rolling so she told Daddy to get on her.  I made a farting noise (with my mouth, come on!  I’m a lady – tee hee) and she speeds away with Daddy right over top of her. 

You probably had to be here.

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I had to see if I had ever said anything about this before but I don’t see anything, so I will dive in!!

David and I have a joke about his farting gaseous explosions.   Any time that it is a really horrendous explosion – I mean even he doesn’t like to stew in it, we say that he needs a breaf (breath) mint for his butt.

On the way to Little Gym tonight, Regan asked Daddy to sit by her on the way there.  He obliged quite happily.  David and I were talking around the music and I vaguely heard ‘something’.   Anymore I almost don’t hear them, that is how used to it I am (unless it is disgustingly obvious that he just shat himself).  All the sudden Regan says “Mommy, something doesn’t smell right!” and Daddy owns up and says “That is just me”, Regan proceeds to tell Daddy that is smells REALLY bad.  He chuckles.  So I tell Regan, “Tell Daddy that he needs a breaf mint” (leaving off the, for-his-butt part).  Being the smart, intelligent, 3 yo that she is, she says…….

“Daddy, you need a DIAPER!!!”

How right she is some days!

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It’s been a while

Okay, so I haven’t really had any good David-ism’s lately.  Here’s two for you.

1) David and his working crew last night decided with the cost of gas lately that maybe it would be a GOOD thing to receive a bag of coal this year for Christmas.

2) (a little longer-sorry)  We both received those travel mugs that you can plug into your cigarette lighter in your car.  So we were just talking and he says “I was thinking about it and I was wondering if the coffee would ever be cool enough to drink though”, so this led to banter:  Him: I might have to try soup.  Me:  hmmm, the spaghetti O’s are done.  Me:  my grilled cheese is done.  Him:  “Dave, where are you going for lunch?”  “I’m going to drive around the block 5 times to heat up my lunch”  Him:  Now I need directions to where I need to drive to to get it warmed up all the way.  Him:  I wonder if a cornish game hen will fit in one of those things?  (Of course by now, it is late and I’m tired so I’m ROLLIN’).  He just came back up to me and said “You know the really bad thing is that I’m gonna have to try the spaghetti O’s”

Oh the things that go through our heads.  Well, mostly his.

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Letter for my Husband

Dear David,

  The time has come for another change in our marriage.  This isn’t the way that I wanted it to be, I had no intentions of having to do what comes next.  Yet for this to work, this is the way that it must be done at this time.

 There has been tears of joy, laughter and a lot of love.  Road trips, meeting your grandfather (what a WONDERFUL man), going to bed at 2am only to get back up at 4am for a meteor shower, the possum in Mike and Kathleen’s back yard, the best so far for me is meeting Regan.  And so many other things that have been fun and exciting.

 There has also been the hard times and I mean really hard.  Your grandfather passing, your parents divorcing and my parents divorcing. 

 Unfortunately, the hardest is yet to come. 

I know that I didn’t cause this, I have definitely learned that I can’t control it, and I cannot cure it.  This is going to be your personal battle from now on, and most of the reason for that is because you have continued to make it personal and think that this is something that you have to get through on your own.  You asked for my help but you don’t want it.  If you wanted it, you would include me in it.  Then and only then could I support you.  So I’m standing here, STILL, but no, I can’t help you now.  Only until you are ready to really understand the meaning of that word can I support you.

 As you will see, I left you a gift on the kitchen counter this morning.  I just want to say that I don’t want any explanations, and I don’t want “I’m sorry” (I will lose it!), just know that it was a choice on your part and that my actions this morning was a decision on my part.  Nothing else that I have done has every brought out the truth readily, so to me this lets you know that I DO KNOW and there is no backing out of it.

 I love you but I don’t love the situation as you well “know”.  This will be your battle until you are ready to give up the reigns and let someone, ANYone in.  Once you are really done with this, then, maybe we can love ourselves and one another again the way we did.

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