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Running Away or Higher Road??

How old do you have to be to not feel like you are in middle school?  I really do try to stay out of people’s lives, unless they want me in it.  I keep to myself.  If someone asks about someone else…..I play dumb – that way I’m not sucked into the b.s. of my chosen career.  Don’t get me wrong…I love my career, I just don’t necessarily agree with all the people I work with (and you have that no matter WHERE you work, it is just a part of life it seems). 

 However, if you have it confirmed that your “ex-boss*” (ex-boss, because I’m now self-employed but still work in the same place with this person)  has talked about you in a negative light to one of your clients….. how comfortable do you think your client feels?  If the “ex-boss” did this once….do you think it is possible that it has happened other times?  (Things that make you go hhhmmm).  Would that reflect poorly on your own business (since my “ex-boss” is the owner)?

Ultimately, my dilemma is….. do I suck it up and stay where I am (my desire to do this is mostly for my clients due to the economy – I will loose clients if I move to salon that is high end) and just act like I don’t know anything.  Or do I look for another location (or job for that matter) to start over again and hope that I do keep some of my clients?!

Any thoughts?


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