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Logical? Not so much….


There is so much new going on.  Rae is losing teeth left and right, hubby is not liking winter too much this year and I’m just feeling like I’m trying to figure a lot of things out.

So I have one big question that I have been thinking about for a while:

ARE WE REALLY THAT BUSY??  Basically my question is geared toward the fact that I think most of us think that we are sooooo busy.  Granted, we are. We are busier with work.  We are busy raising our children, caring for our families (immediate and extended).  We are busy just trying to keep up with the vet appointments and/or extracurricular activities our children participate in.  But I got to thinking about how much busier we are and it got me thinking that some of the technology that we appreciate soooo much, really might not be as helpful as we think it is.  For example, I know that I have committed myself (lol you jokers!) to Facebook.  In some ways FB is great.  You can keep in touch with those a little farther away or those old friends from High School/College.  In some ways FB sucks up a BIG chunk of my time because I (yes, I am responsible for my  actions) have also ‘committed’ to play Mafia Wars and Farm Town.  Granted I have tried some of the other games but those are the two games I continue to come back to.  But I have consciously added another Farm to a game that already can take up to an hour for me to get everything done on.  So yes, it would help if I dropped those two games – but wouldn’t I just come back again?

I work a full-time job (that allows me some flexibility to be online), I have a child in 1st grade that needs guidance with homework, I have a husband that is tired of always being the cook and meal planner (understandable) and I know that I take time from each person (including myself) to play an FB game.  So am I really THAT busy??

How about you?  Do you think that technology is all positive?  Does it affect you only positively?  Just curous!


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