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Busy times…they are a’comin’

So Regan has been busy on Saturdays with Ballet since September.  It is getting to be the end of the school year and end of Ballet class as well.  Tomorrow night is picture day with full costume for Ballet @ 5:45.  This means that I have to pick her up earlier than usual to get her hair all in place and pulled back, changed into the costume and to the studio no later than 5:30.  Plus parking is always difficult there and it will be moreso with all the pictures being taken!

In June, she starts having ballet class twice a week in preparation for the recital on June 18th!  At least she only has to be there Friday nights around 6 or something, then the usual Saturday class.  We will be leaving for vacation June 19th (EARLY…YAWN). 

So how is your schedule looking with the end of school coming??


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