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Logical? Not so much….


Whoo flippin’ Hoo!

Tomorrow is “get-a-crown day”.   Just so exciting isn’t it??  Anyone have one?  Gotten the procedure done??  Tell me please what it is like before tomorrow morning!!!  I love going to the dentist, however this has me just a little nervous.  I don’t mind having cavities filled but this is the first time for this so……just think of me a little and put my mind at ease…..a little ?!  If possible?!

Please remember the old adage…..if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it!  I don’t want to be more uncomfortable before I go 🙂  Thank you for your consideration! 

ps: Watch now no one will say ANYTHING!!


December 13, 2009 Posted by | Random Thoughts | | 2 Comments