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New sayings?

Daddy and Regan are home alone the beginning of this week.  The sitter is on vacation.  I called home to ask if anything was needed and Regan wanted to speak to me.

Regan: Are you on your way home?
Me: No, but in about 15 minutes or so I will be heading that way.
R: What are you doing?
M: Working
R: (undeciferable talking)…blah, blah, blah TOYS blah, blah blah
M: Say that again please.
R: (Finally spits it out and says) Your working to make money to buy TOYS for me.
M: Rolling, (Falling out of my chair thinking, what does she think I’m made of), I say “Some of those and fixing YOUR car”.

Yes, the “baby” car is in the shop but we are told we will have it back tomorrow. CV boots on the front axel are split – yeah, fun! But obviously sooooo worth it to just get it fixed!


She likes acting like a baby, she likes being carried up the stairs and to the bathroom to have her teeth personally brushed by me. Yeah, right now I’m doing it because really I can brush her teeth better anyway and very soon here she won’t want to be held and then she will be too big.


We are completely immersed in “Why” phase of life. Seriously, I can’t watch another movie that she has already seen 50 times and ask me all the same questions all over again!


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Really quick

First off, I have to write this really quick because it is almost meeting time and it ties in to my topic!!!

So, we have searched for Regan’s birth certificate for her to attend the school in August.  (Yes, people that is LESS than a week away).

2 weeks ago, I found out where I had to send money and information to receive the prized certified copy of her birth certificate.  I finally got out of work early last Monday and sent the information off to Richmond.  Online it says that it can take up to 3 weeks to get the copy back – UGH!!!  Yes, I sometimes procrastinate.  Opened the mailbox this weekend. 

Ahhhhhhh, something from the Health Department in Richmond.  Whoo Hoo, we have a certified copy of a birth certificate.  Wednesday, I SWEAR, I will be taking all the important paperwork to the school so that we are OFFICIAL!!!  Very exciting I know.

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Holy Cow

Okay, who talked to Regan and got her to request Daddy read to her tonight?? 

(This should come off as no disrespect to my hubby)

Seriously, I’m likin’ the break.  I do get Friday’s off from reading due to meetings that I attend that night, however this out-of-nowhere request for him to read…..Da’ BOMB!!!  I don’t mean this to sound bad toward Regan either however I can’t tell you how many times I have had this conversation with her about why she doesn’t have Daddy read to her.  She says “I don’t like Daddy to read to me.”  I ask why, I get “because I don’t”.  If I continue in this vane of why’s – it gets to be the answer “I don’t like Daddy.”   Hmmmmmm.  But I think there are a couple reasons for her answers and I just can’t seem to figure out the right question to ask to get to the bottom of the answer.

For those that aren’t aware, Daddy wasn’t living here for about 6 months.  We are back together and still working on things and they are going very well.  I’m happy and I know that Daddy is too.  I don’t know if there is a delayed reaction for Regan or if it is something else.  Anyway, that is one thing that we are going through.  Any other time it doesn’t seem to matter if Daddy does something or I do something.  She does try and play us sometimes though, usually we are both within hearing range to know when that is happening.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed blogging again today – Whoo Hoo.

Have a Great-rest-of-Hump-Day!!

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Stuff to try…

Hey All (3 of you!),

Anyone else kind of frustrated with not knowing what to do with ones self??  See, this is the thing, I would love to swim again – but can you say “H.U.R.T!!”  for like a month?  I mean it would all work out but getting back in shape physically could be scary!  It isn’t terribly expensive though and that aspect is kind of nice.  The only other issue is  the timing of workouts and dropping Regan off at Pre-K, and what else am I missing?…..oh, yeah, that little something about getting to work ON TIME.  I’m still working on the timing of things as I have not received a response as to when workouts really are in the winter months.

The other thing that I’m REALLY interested in……DANCE!  Man, I would love to learn a bunch of different dances.  I’m sorry, but I LOVE watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.  All the variety of dances and ways to interpret…..(sigh).

Is there anything that (a) you either used to do and would like to get back to OR (b) would like to try something new???  What are those things?

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Dirty Bird

Damn, this might be a long story, I’m trying hard to group my thoughts.  Okay, here goes….

…One night when I was about 9 or 10, mom dropped a “bomb” on my stepdad and I.  She brought home a bird.
Me: A bird like the stuffed one?
Mom: No.
Me: What do you mean a bird?

Well we found out that a baby bird had fallen out of it’s nest right next to where my mom’s car was parked (while she was at work). She brought it home so that we could finish raising it. Let me give you a couple hints about this kind of bird.
1. Mom worked at the Pentagon.
2. The title of this post.

Any guesses yet?

Okay, no?! I will continue then. The parental unit decided to keep the bird in a shoe box in the “office”. This was where my step-dad worked, designing artwork for silk screening. However, curiosity got the best of me at that tender age. One day after school, my parentals were not home, so being the concerned pesty little person I am was, I decide that I really need to check on the bird and make sure that he is okay.  But of course like any child, checking on the bird meant getting in its face and wanting to pet it.  It was a bird right?  I mean, it wasn’t a Parakeet, or Cockatiel but it was a BIRD!!!  It could be touched.  It would feel neat.  Anyway, not only did the bird not like this idea, he definitely had a will to survive  –  ANYTHING!!!  However, to survive, birds have this inate birthed ability to CRAP  –  So the bird tries to get away from the BIG scary thing in the room with it, in the process, he gets out of the shoe box, runs along a book of my stepdad’s that is open and craps on the way to escaping.  I finally get a hold of the damn bird, clean up the book as best I can and escape the office.  I’m mortified that my parentals will find out that I messed with the bird.

This is the first time that this is out there for either of them to see it, if they get a chance/time to read this post.  I can just imagine the laughing now!!!!

ps: It was a pigeon (the only bird that has a city address of Wash., DC), and it’s name…..?  Yep, Dirty Bird.  And yes, Dirty Bird did survive everything and finally flew away one day, on his own.  (Still trying to escape, I’m sure).  Oh, wanna know what made me think about Dirty Bird?  Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs.  He was on Vomit Island on today’s episode (Okay, so come to find out it was actually August 14,2007 episode).  Interesting place, check it out sometime.

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A Couple of Things


Yes, I know that you all are really probably SICK of hearing about this topic from me, HOWEVER, I have some really important news to pass along.  Remember friend #1 and how she (I will call her BAF because those are the letters on her license plate) will NOT move from the hammer lane until she is past the next to last exit before ours (we both get off at the same exit).  Well the other morning I was on my way to drop Regan off and she was coming towards me (South), first of all she was actually passing someone (which she does do on the main route, however she does it slowly and has plenty of space to move over between passings), BUT she was passing someone by using the middle turning lane.  Let me explain this a little.  The middle turning lane USED to be the 2nd driving lane going South, however they changed it last FALL to a turning lane for North and South drivers.  Seriously, can I just WTF???


My thrid bud is taking FOREVER to open, however I see that she has 2 more buds coming.  I’m really tickled pink.  I was checking out my other little bush (I bought 2 – 1 gallon azaleas, and 1 – 3 gallon azalea), and I noticed it is getting chewed on quite a bit.  I’m not happy.  I will have to do something about that.  Anyone have a green thumb that knows about azaleas?  I know I need to do some research but if you could help me out now – that would be cool.

Mr. NTH (Not The Husband):

I seem to see this guy’s car EVERYWHERE.  Yesterday, we (co-workers) went to lunch downtown and as I’m driving back to the office, I see Mr. NTH’s car parked on the street at yet another house.  Seriously people, can you say either drug addict or sexual deviant?  Oh, and I passed his wife this morning on my way into work.  Oh, and he was over at the prosti-tots house (across the street) last night for a quick visit.  He didn’t stay the night this time.  However he was there the other morning.   Drugs or sex?  What is your take?

I believe that is all I have for right now.  Have a GREAT Friday!

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Search Engine Terms….loosely

Okay, I have seen others do this so I thought that I would share as well, mostly because I seem to have become a ‘HIVES’ queen.

Search Views
hives 3
letter to my husband 3
hives. 1
why do animals have and pink eyes 1
baby hives on cheeks 1
hives on face 1

Search Views
hives 7
alexa aigner 3
hives on the back 2
preschooler hives 2
no bra no shirt just big boobs 1
no bra tank top 1
hives breakout 1

Oh, and just so that you know, the whole bra – no bra thing has really brought out some weird search engine terms as well.  The one above about ‘just big boobs’ – Dude (well, I hope you are a dude), just type ‘Porn’ – much shorter to type and will get you there quicker so that you can ‘get off’ the computer quicker.

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Free Mammogram (guys, don’t run off, you can help)

This post will be directed mostly to my women readers. However for you gentleman, you can help too, if you just stick with me for a moment.

I’m not sure if you all have really noticed or cared that I do have the breast cancer symbol on my blog on the sidebar.  My initial reason for putting it on my site and leaving it is because my grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the end of ’03/beginning of ’04.  She found the lump herself and it was so small in fact that her doctor had a VERY difficult time finding it again when grandma went in to have it looked at.  I’m pleased to say that she did have a biopsy and they did remove just the lump (it’s all about early detection ladies).  She is great, and she is fine.

However this brings me to another friend that recently went through being diagnosed, going through treatments (I am pretty sure she worked just about the entire time through most of the treatments, I think that she made the appointments on a Thursday and took Friday off or something like that but this woman is a absolute TROOPER).   She had licked the Breast Cancer part about 9 – 12 months ago.  I emailed her today about something and found out that she has a spot showing up on her spine now.  She is already starting treatments and she will have another scan in about 4 weeks.  She said she would keep me up today date.  I hope that she can.

This is my request to you all.  Some of you all may already do this everyday, some of you do it when you think about it.  Please, please click on the link below and click on the BIG PINK button on the Breast Cancer site.  One click equals one free mammogram to someone who cannot afford the cost of the mammogram.  You might be able to afford it now, but in the future it could be you, a friend, a mother, a sister, an aunt (and for you guys that kept with me, it could be your wife) that needs help.  I know that I don’t click enough but maybe this will help me to remember more than every so often.

Breast Cancer

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Special Request for da BEAMS!

Hi all,  yeah I figured I would get back on today to get this posted for a friend!  Thanks for asking for something specific to talk about 🙂  It was requested that I post Regan’s schedule because their daughter and Regan seem to be having a little bit of the same issue.

5:45 – 6:15 : Regan wakes up anywhere around this time.
6:45 : I actually open Regan’s door (Sometimes if she seems ready to get up I will let her put makeup on while I finish getting ready myself.
7:00 : I try to make this the latest that we get downstairs. I get her breakfast and something to drink.
7:15 – 7:20 : leave to go to the sitters. (This might change a bit once she starts Pre-K).
While at the sitters, this is kind of how her day goes.
7:30 – 8:30 : Play downstairs while waiting for all the kids to show up.
8:30 : Have breakfast
Once breakfast is done and everyone uses the potty or gets diapers changed, they go outside if it is nice outside. Otherwise they do something inside. Sometimes crafts, tv is on but no one watches.
11:30 – 12:00 : Lunch
1:00 : Nap
3:00 : Wake up and go outside. Play in the back yard. Go for a walk around the neighborhood
4:30 : Come back in to cool down before the parents get there.
5:20 : I get there to pick her up
5:40 : We get home, sometimes we will play outside until about 6 – 6:15.
6 – 6:15 : Start dinner or start eating depending on what it is.
7:00 (We have been very strict with this time), we go upstairs to get ready for bed.
We get in her room, change her clothes, put a pull up on her. Then we brush teeth, pick out 2 books. She chooses who reads to her for the night. That person reads 2 stories and sings 3 songs of her choice (unless she lets us pick a song or two). Then we hum “Lullaby”. We hug and kiss, and she askes me if anyone is leaving, if we are going straight downstairs. We close the door so that the door is sitting on the door jamb. She is told that she can’t be out in the hallway, and that the door will be closed once I come upstairs to go to bed. Also the hallway light will go out. In the last week, she has her flashlight and we didn’t have any nighttime issues for about 3 nights.

Last night I did hear her start to cry around 10:30 however I think that she found her flashlight and I didn’t need to go to her room and talk to her or anything. We still have a child proof door knob on her door on the inside so that she can’t just wander into our room or in the hallway. I worry about her falling down the stairs and I can’t put the gate up because the cats’ litter box is in the upstairs bathroom, so I can’t block off that entrance for them.

Thanks for asking about our routine J. I hope that it helps you, or at least gives you something to compare to. I don’t think we have a perfect routine but it seems to work for us right now. I honestly think that the nighttime issues is a phase since we have been through it before.

Anyone else want to know anything, please feel free to ask!!

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Hey Michelle*!

Hope you are having a good day at work today (ROFLMFAO-you know the crazy laugh on IM, yeah that is me right now!).

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