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Utility companies

I won’t name any company names, however I may say what they provide for the greater good of man that NO ONE else gets screwed.   Our “dish” provider royally irritates me, like burning in my ASS (except the burning in my ass can be explained and I can only blame myself). 

So here are the facts as I know them.
– It must be my ‘if-I-didn’t-have-bad-luck-I-would-have-no-luck-at-all’ GREAT timing or something but each time that I have cut back on the # of channels that we subscribe to, the cost of the lesser package goes up – effers.
– Last year (probably this time of year) our DVR went out – completely lost episodes of stuff for DH, and myself but lost a LOT of Noggin stuff for Regan too. When DH called about replacing it, the Customer Service Rep. that he spoke to basically said “Yeah, that model of DVR is a POS.” – effers.
– 2 months ago, the ‘POS’ DVR went out – lost EVERYTHING again. Yep, he was right, it is a POS.
– When I called about it and said that we would make the step to another company, we still didn’t get any satisfaction. They would not just send us a replacement even though the last one didn’t last 1 year – effers.
– DH calls about a week later, and……..gets a replacement sent out at NO CHARGE. Uhm, hello, was that too hard??

So what bothers me now is that we received a phone call tonight that says in its automated voice, we have not received your payment, if you have paid it in the last 2 days then disregard this message. If you would like to make a payment now, then please press ‘1’. BITE ME, AUTOMATON!!!

So I go back to the checkbook.  Oh look… I wrote down the auth code, I paid it the day it was due… ONLINE. Granted I don’t like doing it the same day but that was the 4th (a Wed.), today is Monday and your system is still saying that ‘we haven’t rec’d a payment’?? WTF?

So because I really just wanna tear into them, I call them back….But like with a lot of companies these days you can’t get past automated to actually talk to someone (now how come that doesn’t work here?). So I get to the billing part of the automation and the voice says, ‘we have rec’d your payment of $.00 (it was actually an amount greater than $0.00 in case you decide to point out to me that I didn’t have anything to pay on this bill), on the 4th of June, there is no activity in your account since your last payment’.

Okay, so how does one automated system for the SAME company have two different status’ on my account??

Do you see my frustration?


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Promised Vid #2

I like the fact that the little girl who the bike belonged to did share but the horn was the OBVIOUS attraction!!! Enjoy!!

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