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Promised Vids/Pics #1

I think that I will share with you all a before and after:

Regan before Saturday morning:

Regan after Saturday morning:

I know that it might be a bit hard to see but in the pre-pic, she has that one piece of hair that shows that the back is longer than the front. The post-pic almost doesn’t show how short (still getting used to seeing her this way) it is. But the back literally sits right on the nape of her neck and it is layered up the back to about the mid-point between the top of her head and the nape of her neck. Plus I trimmed up the front just a little bit more tonight.

I would have never done this but she said that she wanted it this way.  (I even had 2 guy friends look at me like I had 2 heads this morning, I said “look, she wanted it shorter otherwise I wouldn’t have taken off that much”. They both said that she looked like a completely different child. She does but it still looks CUTE on her.

Anyway, summer heat has obviously hit us here in VA and it is affecting the little one in the house.


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