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Regan’s ‘Homework’

Regan will be attending Pre-K in August.  I know that she really is excited about it even though she obviously has NO idea what is to come with this.  She is just very excited “to go to school” as she says.  I tried a couple months ago to see how she would do with ‘homework/worksheets’.  I wanted to find out if she was really ready.  She is very bright (not extraordinary, but definitely a sponge), she loves to learn new things.

When I printed off pages from this site about 2 months ago, she had NO interest in doing anything with them.  Tonight that changed.  (Might have something to do with me not letting her run around the house, indoor or out for the last 3 days – no, I’m not mean, she does have croup right now).  Anyway, she came across one of the sheets and asked what she was supposed to do.  So I told her what she needed to do.  The first one she did wrong, so I just re-explained to her and directed her a bit more and I asked her to do the last 4 (out of 8 ) by herself.  She did the last 4 all right!  Yea for her!  The bonus for me was asking her if she wanted to put her name where it belonged (yeah, next to Name_________________________________ – remember putting your name on EVERYTHING?).  She did it that time and 3 more times for me!  She did another similar sheet to the first one (circling the right # of items in a box – introduction to multiple choice).  Then she did tracing of the letter “L l “.  She is very comfortable with tracing letters and numbers.  (Remember this and this?)

Anyway, I’m hoping that maybe this is a little of the beginning of pre-Pre-K.  I just want to see what she can do.  If she doesn’t want to do the worksheets then I don’t make her – there is no point.  I want her to enjoy learning and doing ‘new/different’ things.  She will have REAL homework soon enough, she needs to just be a kid!

Here is some sampling of her work tonight:
multiple choice anyone?



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