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Logical? Not so much….


Okay, I promised you all this.

New set of players.  (Here are the old set) Are you ready?

Player 1: Mini-Van Mama

I have a MVM that wants to either ride with me after work or give me an enima (I haven’t figured out which yet), with her hair on freakin’ fire!!!!  Lady, give me a freakin’ break.  I’m going the same speed as the dope in front of me and no, I don’t want to carpool with him either – so get the ^@!! out of MY VEHICLE!!!!!!

Seriously you all, one day a couple months back, it was rainy and gray AND I forgot my glasses (no, I don’t have to have them, but I do prefer it) at home.  I couldn’t see well but I was behind the guy in front of me, just a few extra feet back.  This MVM is right behind me and I can’t see her headlights at all (partically due to the fact that my spare is attached to my car, and partially because she is TAILGATING ME!).  So do to her desire to carpool with me, I slow down so that she can just hop from her car to mine, slide along the top of my SUV and slip right into the passenger side.  (Kind of like Bo and Luke Duke style).  She decided that she really didn’t want to ride with me and decided to show me her un-appreciation by BEAMING me!!!  ‘Uhm, HELLO, I can’t see your beams because you are RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!!!’  So needless to say I feel I should add her to my beginning list of people that I hate to have around me on my way home from work.

Player 2:  The Element Box.

This one I don’t run into EVERY morning (Thank Goodness!).  However she is extremely annoying because if I do run into her – she is running WAY behind schedule, obviously.  Why is it obvious you may ask?  Because she is literally going 90 mph with her hair on fire as well.  (When will the women learn to just stop, drop and roll?).  I am not exaggerating her speed people.  Why do I know?  Because the speed limit is 65, I’m going 80 and TEB is coming at me like a freakin’ bull with 10 of those spiky things already coming out of it’s back.  I will only go 80 on this road, no more.  Sometimes less – if I’m feeling okay about time. 

Sometimes,  I just wish I caught traffic like today (or on holidays, we never take holidays), once I get on and get out from behind the person that wants to get on the ‘highway’ going 35 mph (seriously, why do you seem like speedy Gonzalez at the bottom of the ramp but that hill on the way up to the road kills you and everyone behind you?) and get up to speed, I’m usually golden.

Oh well, just something to complain about right?  But I think that I would be happy to not complain about drivers for a while.  Do I make a pact with myself.  The sad matter of fact is that I have complained about drivers for so long that I know that I wouldn’t be able to NOT complain about them.  So, maybe I make an amendment, I only really grouse about another driver once a day?!  Otherwise I have to be patient and suck it up. 

Do you think that you could only complain once a day about one driver?  (Yeah, uhm… saving up at the end of the day for all 20 driver’s that pissed you off doesn’t count as one complaint).

Let me know how that goes for you.  🙂


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