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Logical? Not so much….

Meeting results

I did in fact write a letter. However the lead did touch on everything. I did add one or two items and I did have a positive tidbit to add that everyone seemed to like. I think that it was a success. But we won’t truly know until we see how everyone reacts in the next couple of weeks!

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Creating Peace Among 7 ladies

  So I work with 6 other lovely ladies!  Most of the time it is great and we all have a truly wonderful rapport.  But there are times that all those hormones get the best of us.  It happens. 

   We have some ladies that don’t do their chores at the end of their shifts.  And some of them that won’t listen to the Lead (manager) when she tells them to do what they need to do.  (The list of chores is clearly stated with each persons initials for the day and the job that they are to do.  It never changes).

   We are having our “team” meeting soon and I was thinking about writing out a letter to read to them of the things that I have seen just in the last week.  I figure this way I can be very ‘PC’ about it and I will have already worked out my emotions so that I don’t get emotionally involved the day of the meeting.  This way I can hopefully reduce the ‘accusations’ and ‘defensivness’ that could arise during the meeting making it longer than necessary.

  Any thoughts if this is a good or bad thing?  Thanks either way….just for listening.

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Seems simple enough….but my DD and I went shopping together yesterday and I think that we had a really good time. It was the first time that she was fairly cooperative while I tried on clothes (quickly). She got to try on some things too AND she got to buy some things! That made her really happy!! I like days like that!!!!

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Doors Opening

  I have an opportunity available to me.  I’m excited about it and at the same time scared.  I want to do  it…but I need to be able to fit into my schedule and I don’t know that I can do it.  I don’t want to take the little bit of time that I have with my family to do this all the time.  Plus I feel like it could be a conflict of interest with my job (just not sure).  It would be a great door to walk through, plus it would be fun. 

  I think that I will be conflicted with this one for just a while longer…..and ultimately I don’t have to make a decision right now.  I can try it, see what happens and enjoy doing it while I do it.

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Wow…from the mouths of babes

So my child informs me tonight…with distain in her voice….That “I” (meaning mama) expects her (my child) to be the smartest girl in the class.


I like to encourage her to do her best in anything that she tries.

So we had a talk tonight about the things I actually EXPECT!
1. I expect her to be happy (this is mainly for when she has grown up a bit more)
2. I expect her to do her best in whatever she does (this does include school and extra curricular activities).
I explained that I didn’t expect her to be the smartest girl in the classroom, I just want her to do her best and be happy with the results.

I find it interesting to hear what she thinks I “want”, compared to what I “think” I’m encouraging upon her.

Parenting is hard.

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The Help

Reading this currently. I would like to complete the book before seeing the movie (I heard the movie was very good).

Do you prefer books or movies?

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The Shack

Anyone read this? 

Consider it, if you will.  You just might be surprised.

Just sayin’!  🙂

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What will 2012 bring….

Honestly, this question popped in my head and I had to reconsider.  I don’t need to ask what the new year will bring me, but what will I bring to myself.  Yes, I want it to be a successful year!  Yes, I would love it if everyone in my family remained healthy and well.  (This I obviously don’t have control over).  But I will deal with my reaction to the things I can’t control and hope that I can find a way to make the most of the situation, no matter what the results may be.  And lastly, yes there are things I would like to change (maybe tweak is a better term).  Like getting back to my blog and having something to really look back to and see how things have changed through the year.

So 2012 won’t bring me anything other than, each sunrise to start my day the way I choose, or not choose.

Happy New Year friends, make 2012 great in each of your own ways!

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Sometimes…things are just not what you think

How is it that when you think that you are trying your best to be a better person, things happen to make you question your effort and/or make you wonder if you should just be the person you were. Very disturbing…..

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Running Away or Higher Road??

How old do you have to be to not feel like you are in middle school?  I really do try to stay out of people’s lives, unless they want me in it.  I keep to myself.  If someone asks about someone else…..I play dumb – that way I’m not sucked into the b.s. of my chosen career.  Don’t get me wrong…I love my career, I just don’t necessarily agree with all the people I work with (and you have that no matter WHERE you work, it is just a part of life it seems). 

 However, if you have it confirmed that your “ex-boss*” (ex-boss, because I’m now self-employed but still work in the same place with this person)  has talked about you in a negative light to one of your clients….. how comfortable do you think your client feels?  If the “ex-boss” did this once….do you think it is possible that it has happened other times?  (Things that make you go hhhmmm).  Would that reflect poorly on your own business (since my “ex-boss” is the owner)?

Ultimately, my dilemma is….. do I suck it up and stay where I am (my desire to do this is mostly for my clients due to the economy – I will loose clients if I move to salon that is high end) and just act like I don’t know anything.  Or do I look for another location (or job for that matter) to start over again and hope that I do keep some of my clients?!

Any thoughts?

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